do good things Sundays – Winter 2018

The driving force behind the creation of Stone’s Cove KitBar was to establish a Venture-Philanthropy business that brought to life our belief that a guest’s good times could do good things.

Each quarter Stone’s Cove  partners with four to five local nonprofits in our community to benefit from our do good things Sundays program. On Sundays we give each of our guests (who dine with us anytime during the day) the chance to select a local non-profit from our list of partners to whom we donate 10% of that guest’s check.

Nonprofit Partners for Winter 2018

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Cindy’s Legacy Charity
Pancreatic Cancer Action Network
Touching Heart
The do good things Foundation

Nonprofit Partner Expectations
We ask our partners to work to promote this program through all avenues possible (internal, external, and online via social media) in an effort to increase the donation the partner charity will receive.

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