Many thanks to Amanda Medders Paldao for her contribution to the Oakton Swim Club dgtSunday

We would like to recognize Amanda Medders Paldao, an Executive Education Consultant, for her sponsorship of our Oakton Swim Club do good thing Sunday on November 17. Ms. Paldao’s contribution will help support the Oakton Swim Club’s mission and fund scholarships for special needs swimmers who could not otherwise afford to participate in a swim program.

Ms. Paldao is an Executive Education Consultant with Tri-Ed Tutoring, a family-owned business that provides private in-home tutoring services for all subjects and grade levels, including SAT and ACT prep. Ms. Paldao specializes in standardized test prep.

For more information about Tri-Ed Tutoring or to schedule a consultation with Ms. Paldao:

Phone: (703) 899-628
Email: [email protected]

Amanda Medders Paldao

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